1.1 Stem 1

Click on the different endings for further details.


   e, es, e      s, s, t      s, s, ^t      s, s, Ø      x, x, t

To form the indicatif présent  with subject pronouns je, tu, il/elle/on :

  • use stem 1

  • add one of the five ending types according to the verb group.


French verbs are often grouped into three conjugations according to their infinitive form ending:

  • First conjugation for verbs ending -er;

  • Second conjugation for verbs ending -ir like finir;

  • Third conjugation for all irregular verbs.


Yet this grouping may not be sufficient to help you learn verb endings especially for verbs of the third conjugation.


Mappeverbe learning tools refer to five groups of verbs in this tense. Click on each ending type to see the associated verbs.


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