3. Subjonctif Présent

Click on the Stem 2 and Stem 3 to display the endings.


Stem 2 Stem 3

This tense is formed with two stems:

  • Stem 2, with subject pronouns je, tu, il  and ils,

  • Stem 3, with subject pronouns nous, vous.


Only one type of endings is used.


Que  always precedes the subject pronoun in this tense.  Examples : que je…, que tu…, qu’elles…, que nous…, etc.


Exceptions :


The verbs être (to be) and avoir (to have) use other endings.

The verbs aller (to go), faire  (to do or make)  savoir (to know), pouvoir (to be able to), vouloir (to want), valoir (to be worth) use the same endings but a new stem instead of Stem 2 and/or Stem 3.